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19 Minister Agreed with Waste Management Action Plan and Sanitation

Articles Ditjen Cipta Karya, 12 November 2012

At least 19 Indonesia Cabinet Volume II have signed a memorandum of understanding to implement waste management and sanitation in Indonesia Clean Movement (ICM). They have been agree to develop and implement an action plan based on solid waste management and sanitation guidelines ICM. The signing was witnessed by Vice President Boediono and 300's regent, mayor or his representative in Jakarta (12/11).


In his speech, Boediono explained that the waste problem had become an integral part of the cities in Indonesia. Though it could lead to bigger problems, such as degression health, environmental damage even result in a huge economic losses.

Ministry of Public Works have prepared a plan to socialize and educate the master plan sanitation campaign, those campaign are national Jamboree sanitation, campaigns and education to elementary and junior high school students, the selection of the national sanitation ambassador, and in collaboration with seven women's organizations for the sanitation campaign.

Ministry of Public Works through the Directorate General of Human Settlement has also conducted workshops self-help groups ( Community Based Sanitation, trained facilitators field (TFL) for the construction of the 3R (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) and Community based on sanitation and trained environmental health engineering settlements for local government officials.

Minister of Public Works has already handled the waste management and sanitation in 5 segments, from Manggarai up to TB Simatupang bridge. Minister of public works also has build 13 location of integrated waste management and 8 communities based sanitation.


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